Almost done designing the frame. Started adding in nuts and screws of  the correct size so I can make a BOM when all is said and done. I'm  probably going to re-work the y-axis gantry. The design could be better,  the x-axis end-stop wiring would be too much of a pain, and I need a  mounting point for the y-axis cable chain and y-axis endstop.

Not so sure about the 2020 T-nuts on the rail mounts. I'm concerned they  will loosen over time. I just might replace the M5 flat screws and stay true to the original 3D printed inlets.

Yes... its red now. This will be the Prusament PETG color I bought for  this project. The wolf paw was done after the aid of some apple  moonshine. It may or may not stick around.

Design files will be  provided once I have a working prototype. I just finished a little  project to add an external driver board to my prusa i3 mk2.5s so I can  print faster without waking up the other tenants, so prototyping can  continue.