Apologies on the lack of updates for a couple of weeks. We have now finished making all shields, bringing the final number made to 1019. A few sheets were lost in forming unfortunately. We provided shields to Washington Warren Association for Mental Health back on May 14th. A week or so later we provided shields for the medical staff at Great Meadow Correctional Facility. We provided shields this week to Irongate Family Practice, Adirondack Pediatrics PC, and Adirondack Urgent Care. This brings the total provided to 715.


  • 30: Warren Center
  • 30: Washington Center
  • 30: The Pines
  • 30: Glens Falls Center
  • 30: Granville Center
  • 30: Fort Hudson Center
  • 10: Slate Valley Center
  • 10: Holdbrook Adult Home
  • 10: Great Meadow Correctional Facility
  • 35: Warren Washington Association for Mental Health
  • 100: Irongate Family Practice
  • 30: Adirondack Pediatrics PC
  • 10: Adirondack Urgent Care
  • 25: High Peaks Hospice
  • 54: Warren County EMS
  • 60: Washington County EMS
  • 20: Warren Washington Albany ARC
  • 100: Hudson Headwaters
  • 50: Community Hospice
  • 15: Albany Stratton VA Medical Center: Glens Falls Clinic
  • 6: Others

We are in the process of finalizing locations to distribute the remaining 304. We pivoted into providing shields to smaller locations in the medical industry. We know we are not able to provide to everyone, so the priority has been facilities with a high number of patient pass-through. We hope to wrap things up soon so there will likely be only one more update once all the shields have been provided.