This will be the last post regarding 3D printed face shields for medical workers as we have sent the last of them out. A huge thanks to those who donated so that we could make as many as we did. The final total is 1019 and the distributed totals are listed below.

Final Totals

  • 30: Warren Center
  • 30: Washington Center
  • 30: The Pines
  • 30: Glens Falls Center
  • 30: Granville Center
  • 30: Fort Hudson Center
  • 10: Slate Valley Center
  • 10: Holdbrook Adult Home
  • 10: Great Meadow Correctional Facility
  • 35: Warren Washington Association for Mental Health
  • 100: Irongate Family Practice
  • 30: Adirondack Pediatrics PC
  • 10: Adirondack Urgent Care
  • 25: High Peaks Hospice
  • 54: Warren County EMS
  • 60: Washington County EMS
  • 50: Boces LPN Students
  • 20: Warren Washington Albany ARC
  • 100: Hudson Headwaters
  • 50: Community Hospice
  • 15: Albany Stratton VA Medical Center: Glens Falls Clinic
  • 250: Leading Age Nebraska (Through
  • 10: Others

We ran the printers for about two and a half months straight. We also ran out of locations locally we thought would suit the purpose of collecting money on the GoFundMe. We stopped collecting on the GoFundMe when it was apparent that injection molded shields were being obtained by local medical locations.

It was expected that this trend would essentially make donations become wasted if nobody would need the 3D printed shields we would be making. Of course this was when NY was the largest hotspot in the US. We continued production with what we would finish using the rest of the donations and provided 50 to Boces for thier LPN students.

With the local area covered and cases on the rise elsewere we decided to approach and ask if there was another location that could use shields. They orchestrate the distribution of PPE and would ensure that the rest of the shields would be made useful.  Through we ended up provding the remaining 250 to Leading Age Nebraska. They cover a large area of Nebraska's seniors and senior homes.

We are no longer making face shields, but are extremely suprised with the amount of support we have recieved while doing our best to crank these out as fast as we could.

At this point I will be personally taking it easy for a little while before getting back into other projects. I have a new adoration for the folk at my work who keep our paper machines running 24 hours a day.

Thanks again everyone. We could not have done it without you.