With the additional 102 shields distributed this week, we are now at 295 total. We did push them back for a few days to get Slate Valley and Fort Hudson Centers done, but we did get shields dropped off today for distribution to Washington County EMS. Warren County EMS are next in priority.

Overall progress has been steady and the plan for this weekend is to get the CNC machine wired in preparation for the next set of sheets. There hasn't been much change since my last blog post, so I will post this information directly on the Go Fund Me. Please see Update 6 for additional details.

Go Fund Me Link


  • 30: Warren Center
  • 30: Washington Center
  • 30: The Pines
  • 30: Glensfalls Center
  • 30: Granville Center
  • 30: Fort Hudson Center
  • 10: Slate Valley Center
  • 10: Holdbrook Adult Home
  • 25: High Peaks Hospice
  • 4: West Glens Falls EMS
  • 60: Washington County EMS
  • 6: Others