So yeah, going to put my design skills to use and make myself a suit. To be honest this has been a dream of mine to have my own fursuit since back in University. It will probably only be a partial for now, but I am going to make it myself and set myself up for custom suit commissions down the road if I can make anything of quality. The only goal for now is a personal suit for Anthrocon 2020.

I am planning on finishing the CNC project, I just got burnt out on the enclosure and needed to switch gears for a bit.

Learned to use the sculpting tool in Fusion360...   a bit of a pain, but I think Ive got it down enough for now. Still a work in progress and will need to put in a bunch of holes for ventilation and weight. This one is supposed to look like a wolf. I might add saber teeth because why the hell not. I still need to form things a bit more, but its close in general shape.

The ears will be printed in TPU then glued on. I'm still considering options for the head and jaw material. I'm leaning towards PETG because its more flexible than ABS even though its heavier and less likely to crack on impact. I have a feeling TPU would to be too flexible as a primary base, but I could be wrong. There will be plenty of padding either way.

The plan is to add some simple electronics and print clear TPU for the make eyes, decals and teeth light up so long as it looks good. There are going to be two silent 40mm fans that take in cool air from below the eye sockets. I plan on independently controlling serial led's via Arduino nano all on 5v and 10,000 mAh cellphone battery pack. If I have 20 LEDs it should work for 6 hours. It should run for over two days running just fans. A stretch goal is using a blutooth module to control the leds via a custom iPhone app.

The eyes will probably be 3D printed in white PETG in one go, then painted. I have a mmu for my prusa, but have not had the time to install it with the CNC project and now this. Maybe I will install it and do custom eyes if everything else is done early.

Been looking into fur selections, and damn that crap isn't cheap. I got some swatches from for their "Shaggy Mongolian" and "Punkey Muppet" and found a good color combination for what I'm going for. Might even add some blue in just because. Not sure yet to be honest.

Got a sewing machine and cut my teeth a little on it. I'm not finding it to be too hard to be honest. I think I will spend a lot of time making the Fur look right, but considering I'm pretty familiar with the other construction processes I think there will be enough time to learn to sew and shave fake fur properly.