I mentioned in previous posts that I was having issues keeping up with the CNC project due to financial issues. Ultimately, I found that moving allowed me resolve that problem.

My apologies on not making much progress on any of my projects in the last few months, but I plan on getting back in the saddle so to speak. My priorities are the following;

  1. Unpack, Prepare the house for winter, work on HR related documentation at the Fire department.
  2. Get the Second 3D printer up and running to where I can print and monitor prints for mechanically sound projects parts.
  3. Install sound deadening foam in the printer enclosure for the Prusa i3 mk2.5s so I can sleep at night. Determine how much sound prevention needs to happen for the Di3+. Both printers will be in the same bedroom/workshop open air room now.
  4. Finish the Design and Prototyping of the CNC project.

Im sure there will be some cat shenanaghans throughout, but thats half the fun. They are doing really well with the move at least.