Printed the front large piece electronics enclosure I designed in my last post. Was not happy with the size or how difficult it was to print. Also might have made each of the panels slots too high by 1cm making the enclosure 2cm taller than it needed to me. I ended up deciding to step back from the "just get it done" mentality and invest some actual design effort.

The primary failing of the first design was the ability to work internally and close things up without wanting to take a jump off a cliff. Breaking the enclosure into a top and bottom set of parts allows for easier printing and the ability to clam shell the it once wiring is finished. Had to do some clever design to make the m3 screw joints between the top and bottom points. We will see how it prints, but it looks good in Fusion360. The electronic components will be mounted to flat plates that fit into the grooves along the frame. These will be able to be customized a bit more without changing the frame at all.

The font will have a dedicated 60mm fan panel mounted in the lower plate hole. It will also have the input buttons panel on the top. The main difference between this and the rear is the additional hole for the E-Stop.

The back enclosure removes the E-Stop hole and adds a mesh panel mount underneath for venting air under the rear of the enclosure. The lower panel will be for the main power outlets and upper one will be for connections to the CNC which means there needs to be this new panel for airflow. The benefit of having this underneath is that dust wont be able to fall into the meshed hole.

I have created the middle joining top and bottom pieces. The length of the body entirely is based on the length of the Reprap PSU. I also need to added the oddly shaped exhaust vent for the bottom rear of the enclosure.  As per my previous post I have designed the panels already and done some test prints. It will be nice to do multi material text down the road once I install the upgrade on the prusa after this project is over.

That should be it for the overall design aside from the interior electronic component mounting plates. I will design these after I get frame prints done and have a better idea of how I want to position these. I think I have given up on the idea of a handle, but I could do this later and re-print the middle top piece if I care really want to. Next steps will be just printing the frame and new exhaust vent parts.